Education & Knowledge
Here is what we know: Learning is difficult, Right or wrong? I can say this with a strong conviction. And, at the moment you may be thinking, what is she talking about? 

Yes, Learning or educating yourself is sometimes an arduous task. Take into account every hour we spent pouring into books, revision notes and Youtube videos to make us learn smarter and faster, every second we use is every second our future is built by.

Every minute we take, is every minute our parents efforts is being contested to. Being smart or getting distinctive grades is not as easy as it looks. Paying attention or taking notes doesn’t always mean we’ll be in the top five in class. Sleeping at midnight and waking up at the crack of dawn does not mean we will be the best as well. The point, why is education necessary? Why is all that effort necessary?

First and foremost, nowadays we can’t do anything without proper or basic knowledge of the world. Be it history, mathematics or arts. They make a difference. What we are learning today in school is the foundation of the real life. Keyword: Foundation. Like being a toddler all over again. It is not a luxury but a basic need in contemporary life. If I could compare it to being a toddler all over again, I can also say its being a smart business individual: investing on a very profitable future. 

Secondly, Education is a lifelong process. It keeps evolving and changing, adapting and modernizing to the needs and wants of society. Who, in the ‘60s era, would’ve thought that in the year 2020 a thing like ps4 existed? The planet Mars having lakes? Or dreaming about Mercedes AVTR? Well I may not be from that generation, but my mind is still blown away. It is important for us to keep in touch with today’s trends, and to do that we need to have knowledge on different concepts that we, students, complain about every single day.

Moreover, Education makes your life better. I know, I know – look at Bill gates, he dropped out of college but he is a billionaire. He may have dropped out, but that does not mean he has not found a way to continuously educate himself? I mean, coding? I struggle to write in English every other week, imagine writing in a completely different language to be translated into 0 and 1? Please, even that changes every other year. So kids, lets learn so that when we grow old we just have to worry about which island to vacation in.

Lastly, knowledge is “power”. I think that speaks for itself. You can be the master of the universe or perhaps, the next Elon Musk. It is imperative that you rise to the top of your world and conquer all your dreams, and it all starts with that effort you put into your studies, into your education and enhancing your knowledge.