Gujarati Audio File

The National Council has noted that the current ongoing events in Afghanistan are causing concern for the Jamat around the world, and the purpose of this advisory is to share authoritative information in this regard.

The Jamat in Afghanistan as well as globally is requested not to heed to unfounded rumours and uninformed or even incorrect media reports.  The Jamati institutions should be viewed as the only source of reliable information in this evolving situation.

There are very few civilian casualties involving members of the Jamat, the majority of whom are safe and continuing with normal life.

The Jamat has been advised to remain calm, and not give in to panicked reactions.

Also, it is in each family's best interest to remain in charge of their homes and dwellings wherever they are located.

Our Jamati and AKDN institutions remain safe, and have not come under any undue pressures.  In accordance with Mawlana Hazar Imam's guidance, all our institutions continue to operate as normal.

Our beloved Mawlana Hazar Imam is giving constant guidance and direction to the Jamati leadership in addressing the developments.

Let us pray for Mushkil-asan and the safety and security of our brothers and sisters who are facing difficulties.

Ya Ali Madad.