In an effort to teach our Dar e Talim students the importance of offering shukrana, ITREB Mozambique initiated an activity called 'count your blessings jar' during the month of Ramadan.

Self-reflection during Ramadan through “Count your blessings jar”

Ramadan, also known as month of blessings - is the ninth month in the Islamic (lunar) calendar. This month is of great significance for all the Muslims around the world as Quran, the Holy book, the key source of guidance for all times was revealed during this month.

During this month, all Muslims observe fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting is prescribed for every mature, adult Muslim who is physically fit, sane and capable, not only to abstain from food or drink but mainly to practice self-resistance from evil thoughts and actions, in order to bring spiritual and material goodness to themselves and to their societies.

This month is also seen as a month of self-reflection offering precious lessons of life including reaffirmation of our faith.  We are also reminded of values like unity, dignity, charity, justice and social engagement. By the virtue of this month, each individual reflects on their blessings and engages in performing an increase amount of good deeds. This certainly attracts positivity.

To humbly, partake the blessings of this holy month, this year, ITREB Mozambique initiated a reflective activity for Dar e Talim students, nationwide. Students were encouraged to participate in the “Count Your Blessings Jar” activity with the purpose to engage them in the process of thinking about ‘how blessed’ they are and to practice thankfulness wholeheartedly. Every child made a jar of blessings by using recycled material from their homes and wrote at least one blessing every day, throughout the month of Ramadan for which they are grateful to the Almighty. Parents and children took part in this activity with full energy, filling their jars with blessings and also their lives with more humility and gratitude. Children have also started to indulge in a daily habit of offering Shukrana through meditation and by consciously doing good deeds.