ITREB for Mozambique organized a 6-day STEP Camp in April 2024 for students from grade 7 to grade 11 from all over Mozambique. The camp was held in Aga Khan Academy, Maputo where around 80 students from Maputo, Matola, Beira, Chimoio, and the residential students from the Aga Khan Academy who are from Iran, Syria, DRC, Pakistan, and Rwanda also attended.

We are grateful to Ms. Shezeleen Kanji who traveled from Edmonton, Canada so that our students could have a one-on-one interaction with her and learn & benefit from her vast experience. Ms. Kanji has also been taking online STEP classes for ITREB Mozambique for the academic year 2023-2024. Though some of the students were well acquainted with Ms. Shezleen, her physical presence in Mozambique has surely motivated many more to attend classes regularly.

The students at the camp were divided into two groups based on grades and the topics to be covered during the camp. Each group had sessions and activities spanning over 3 days concluding with a closing ceremony where Institutional leadership, students’ parents/ guardians, and teachers of Dar-e-Talim were invited to view the students’ learning and share their feedback with Ms. Kanji.

During the camp for Grades 7 & 8 – ‘Encounters in Muslim Spain’, Muslim Spain was used as a case study, where students learned how diverse interactions (cultural, religious, political, intellectual, social) can lead to the development, creativity, and enhancement of society. Based on their learning, the students, in groups, constructed futuristic institutions that would benefit the people of Mozambique.

For the grades 9 to 11 - ‘ENCOUNTERS’, students were encouraged to take inspiration from Muslim Spain and Fatimid Cairo and observe how diverse interactions (cultural, religious, political, intellectual, social) can lead to the development, creativity, and enhancement of society. For the conclusion of the camp, the students were to virtually conceptualize their cities with the changes that they would like to bring to society.

There were also sports activities for the students. As part of the camp fell in the month of Ramadan, students had Iftar with the teacher and facilitators.

Some of the feedbacks that we received from the parents are:


“Thank you so much, team members of ITREB, for the wonderful experience our kids had. And thank you tr. Shezeleen. Thank you for your time and efforts.”


“ Thank you so much, team ITREB, the teacher Shezleen, and other team members for making our kids comfortable in Maputo looking after them, and organizing such a fun learning and wonderful interactive camp.

Stay blessed you all.”


“ Yes, Tr.Shezeleen, You gave our kids a much-needed push and a great experience. Thanks.”


“Thank you so much to the ITREB team and Tr Shezeleen and the other teachers who took time from their own holidays and overall made it a fun experience for kids. Thank you to all.”


We appreciate Ms. Shezeleen for her efforts and commitment and hope that the students attend online classes regularly and derive maximum benefit from these classes.


SteP Camp 2024

Publish date: 
Monday, April 29, 2024