Muepane's  mother and junior Village Development Committees (CDAs) have in recent months mobilised resources for recreational activities that provide and promote unity among the young people in the community.

The resources available, consist of balls for the practice of football, batuque, and capulanas for the dance groups, which have been identified as needs and integrated into the dream maps of the village. The need was presented by the CDA's to the COESO project team, implemented by the Aga Khan Mozambique Foundation,  which allocated the soccer balls to the 20 villages with which it works.

"The balls we've been offered are helping to bring boys and girls together from here in the community, and integrate displaced people. They spend their free time here having fun.  This makes it easy to get involved in the work of the community.  Whenever we are called to do something about the community, we have participated," explained Gabriel Pedra, coach of the Muepane village girls' team.

For the Director of the local Primary School, Puamuemue Selemane, the fact that the games of the community teams, especially girls, have helped in the positive occupation and retention of these in the school, because in these types of meetings, they end up talking about the practice of sport, and influence each other to join the school in different periods.

"In addition to the balls, as CDA, we have also involved young people in important community activities, such as integrating them into the savings group,  or in building community infrastructure (classrooms, porch for school lunch), and so we bring them closer to us, and we sensitize them not to join terrorist groups," said the president of the CDA mother of Muepane, Gaspar Age Navire.

 The activism of the CDA's for the common good in the community has also extended into such diverse activities as the mobilization of the community for the construction of classrooms, reducing the number of students studying outdoors, as well as in community awareness of civic health and morals.

This activity is part of the project to Strengthen Social Cohesion and Resilience radicalization in Cabo Delgado, implemented by the Aga Khan Foundation in partnership with MASC and has the financial support of the European Union.

The model of creation of Village Development Committees has been used by the Aga Khan Foundation over its 20 years of implementing activities in Mozambique to promote governance, growth, and local development led by the community itself and nurture of values such as unity and solidarity.