The Time and Knowledge Nazrana (TKN) represents a combination of two cherished Ismaili traditions: (i) submitting to the Imam of the time an unconditional Nazrana (gift) in commemorating epochal events, as a gesture of love and homage, and (ii) offering one’s intellectual capacity to assist the Imamat’s efforts for the progress of the Jamat, and the communities within which the Jamat lives. We invite you to explore the various sections of this website. Here, you will obtain an understanding of the philosophy and significance of TKN and discover how the knowledge and skills offered by TKN volunteers have substantially contributed to the work of the AKDN and Jamati Institutions for the progress and development of the Jamat and the wider societies in which the Jamat lives.

Volunteers in Action

TKN Event Manager oversees execution of leading technology conference in Central Asia
4 November 2019 | Article

In October 2019, a technology conference entitled Digital Transformation in Central...

Building the Aga Khan Museum from the Ground Up
1 October 2019 | Article

The Aga Khan Museum (AKM) is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year and, within such a...

International health care professionals contribute to establishment of AKMC, Khorog
11 September 2019 | Article

The Aga Khan Health Service, Tajikistan (AKHS, T) recently established the Aga Khan Medical...

The IIS is utilising technology alongside an international pool of professional teachers who have offered their Time and Knowledge to expand reach and provide greater access to quality education globally.
Improving access to education through technology and TKN
26 August 2019 | Article

Being part of the knowledge society and sharing knowledge in multiple ways is an ethic and...

Video Clips

Dr. Mahmoud Eboo - 1 of 3
6 May 2018 | Video

Dr. Mahmoud Eboo


Leaders' International Forum

Firoz Rasul - 1 of 3
5 May 2018 | Video

Firoz Rasul


Aga Khan University

Zamira Kurbonbekova - 1 of 5
4 May 2018 | Video

Zamira Kurbonbekova


Mediation and Conciliation Trainer


Safia Abji - 1 of 5
3 May 2018 | Video

Safia Abji


Communications Advisor

Aga Khan Foundation