During a bright sunny morning on 7th May, 2017 the seniors of the Kinshasa Jamat gathered to reaffirm their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The event was organized by the Social Welfare Board & the senior citizen committee.

The President of the National council was among the attendees.  The event began with a conventional welcome speech followed by a yoga session conducted by Rubina Dhrolia. Post Yoga, the seniors partook in a series of exercises; they took a particular liking to the soft ball and paper plate exercises conducted by Selina Suthar. The exercises were preceded by the most amusing session of day – laughter therapy conducted by Selina Suthar. Naturally the exercises made the participants hungry; therefore nibbles were served whilst watching a video clip of Dr. Bimal. The clip gave the audience tips on how to cook without using too much oil. The seniors also shared various additional health tips with each other.

After learning about healthy eating the seniors participated in an arts & craft session with Shyrose Suthar, Gulzar Kanjiyani, Khushboo Thobani, Almas Karani & Selina Suthar. The artistic talent of the seniors was evident - they made beautiful crafts for the upcoming Diamond Jubilee of Mawlana Hazar Imam.  They also took the opportunity to write a personalized message for Hazar Imam.  Having showcased their talents in arts and crafts, the seniors sang songs and played garba. The event concluded with a thank you note and some delicious lunch.