Local students from Springman Middle School visit The Ismaili Jamatkhana, Glenview.

Walking a mile in the cold Chicago weather to the Ismaili Jamakthana, Glenview in November 2016, nearly 300 students from Glenview's Springman Middle School had the opportunity to learn about Islam for their Social Studies class. Their World Religion teachers, Josh Dunham and Meg Keefe, requested the visit as part of the class's curriculum. 
The 8th graders were split into two groups, visiting at different times, and each group was given a presentation on Islam, Ismaili Muslims, Jamatkhanas around the world, and the Aga Khan Development Network. The presentation was followed by a tour of the Ismaili Jamatkhana, Glenview. The students and their teachers took great interest in the subject and were clearly interested to learn more about the Ismaili community living in their midst.
This visit was a part of a program organized by the Council for Midwestern US and several more such discussions are planned throughout the year. Student members of the Glenview Community Church Sunday School have also visited the Jamatkhana.