Wellness And Personal Development

Guided Meditation 1- An Introduction to Mindfulness by Faraz Ramji
9 April 2020

Participate in this guided meditation, led by Faraz Ramji, a Mindfulness Coach and Facilitator. In this meditation, we learn about the foundations of mindfullness and how to focus on observing our thoughts and letting them go as a practice of being present from moment to moment. This short meditation guide is the perfect way to start your meditation journey.

Yoga without borders with Yasmin Kurmaly - Chair Yoga
6 April 2020

This is for all ages and abilities. We especially encourage older members of the Jamat to try this.

Yasmin Kurmaly Yoga Video 26th March 2020

Yoga for all ages by Yasmin Kurmaly
1 April 2020

Follow along as Yasmin Kurmaly leads you through an hour-long yoga session.

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