Upcoming Events

May 14
Leading In Uncertain Times
13 May 2020

Leading in Uncertain Times, on Thursday, 14th May 2020 at 8.00pm in Kenya, and 7.00pm in South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda and Namibia on the.ismaili/kenya/live
Moderator: Zahra Hassanali
Speakers: Yasmin Virani and Ambreen Bhaloo

May 3
Kahoot: Family Trivia Round 2
2 May 2020

Family Trivia Night is back for round 2. Whether, you're young or young at heart, get ready for some family fun! Gather the gang and let's get competitive. 

May 1
One Jamat in Africa - 1st May
29 April 2020

Join all the African Jamats for this event on Ismaili TV at:
4.00pm in DRC
5.00pm in Angola, Burundi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda and South Africa,
6.00pm in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

May 1
Cope with Hope: Azim Jamal
29 April 2020

This inspiring, uplifting and practical session will provide useful insights on keeping your faith despite the uncertainty, focusing on your aspirations despite the chaotic world around you, preparing to bounce back bigger and stronger and staying balanced and making every day count despite the situation we are in.           

This webinar is open to all Jamats in Africa

Apr 26
Cooking with Qamili: Nankhatai
25 April 2020

Learn how to make Nankhatai with Qamili Dave on Cooking with Qamili!

Qamili is a professional chef from Boma International Hospitality College.  Join us on Sunday 26th April from 8.30pm. All are welcome!

Apr 24
Homeschooling: Learning and Engaging With Your Children
23 April 2020

Parents join us for this session on homeschooling, learning and engaging with children during this time on Friday, 24th April 2020, at 8pm.

Apr 23
The Impact of COVID-19: What Can We Expect For The Kenyan Economy & Businesses
22 April 2020

Join us for thie economic webinar focusing on the impact of COVID-19 on Kenyan businesses and the economy. 


Apr 22
Being In Work-Life Balance With Zaynah Khanbhai
21 April 2020

Join Zaynah Khanbhai on 22nd April 2020 at 4.00pm Kenya time for a session on work-life balance during these times.

Apr 20
Go With The Flow- A Yoga Session With Taslim Savji
19 April 2020

Go with the flow- a yoga session with Taslim Savji. Build strength, agility, and mobility through her 30 minute Yoga Class.
All are welcome.

Apr 19
Kahoot- Trivia Night!
18 April 2020

Join us for a virtual trivia night, fun for the entire family! 

Apr 19
Wellness In Isolation with Farah Esmail
15 April 2020

Wellness in isolation hosted by Farah Esmail-  A webinar on How to keep active at home and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Farah will host 30 min session followed by a Q&A

Apr 18
Find Your True North- Authentic Leadership by Ashif Kassam
14 April 2020

In this personal development webinar, Vice President of the Aga Khan Council for Kenya, Ashif Kassam talks about authentic leadership that is driven by purose, 

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