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Zumba with Taz July 2020

Zumba with Taz July 2020
5 August 2020

Zumba is a fitness class that combines dance and fitness moves that target lots of different muscle groups at once for total body toning.

Most Zumba classes are around 60 minutes long.

When doing Zumba at home, you should target a workout between 30 to 90 minutes. You can link together routines from different videos, or complete one full workout video.

Join Taz in this 30 minute energy packed Zumba class, now, from the comfort of your home !!

The Resilient Woman Part 3 - Getting Along as a Family
15 July 2020

This is the third and last in a series of talks this July. 

The Resilient Woman, Part 2 - Social Isolation & Loneliness
8 July 2020

This is a second in a three-part series.

The Resilient Woman - Honest Conversations on Surviving the Pandemic Part 1
30 June 2020

This is the first in a three-part series discussing resilience.

My Mind Matters Session 4 - Mindfulness with Aleema and Farahana - Emotions
20 June 2020

Fourth session in the series this June, focussing on Emotion.

My Mind Matters - Mindfulness with Aleema and Farahana Session 2
7 June 2020

This is the second in a month-long series this June. 

Webinar - Mental Health & Wellness during COVID-19 - 30th May 2020
2 June 2020

Community Counselling Services and the Health Board invited professionals from across the jurisdiction to provide some useful guidance for all during this time. 

Tranquil Thursday With Faraz Ramji- Aligning with & Living By Your Values
27 May 2020

Join Faraz Ramji this tranquil Thursday, with a guided meditation focusing living a life that is a aligned with your values.

Mindful Mondays with Aleema Noormohamed - Mindfulness for Anxiety Relief
24 May 2020

In this session Aleema focuses specifically on Mindfulness practices for Anxiety relief.

Community Counselling Services Message - The Silver Lining
20 May 2020

Community Counselling Services Reminds us about looking for the Silver Lining

KENYA - Tranquil Thursdays with Faraz Ramji - Recapping our Mindfulness Practices
20 May 2020

Over the past 2 months Faraz has shared various mindfulness practices. This session recaps some of those practices. 

ECD Bulletin: May, 2020
ECD Bulletin: May, 2020
19 May 2020

Early Childhood Development is one of the main key aspects of our educational backbone as Hazar Imam has made it an imperative part of learning from the beginning of human existence. As he has mentioned in many of his hidiyats, young minds are like sponges and the more we can give them the tools, the more they will absorb.

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