Global Encounters Kenya

Our Kenya camp is the first of the Global Encounters programmes. The programme is based at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, the first Academy established globally in the network of international schools. Mombasa is a vibrant Swahili town nestled on the extraordinary East African coast. Service projects, identified in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, support children and schools in nearby communities. Academy educators and local artists lead workshops in drumming and dance, theater, Swahili cuisine, and visual arts. 

Students spend 5 days in Nairobi visiting flagship AKDN projects, which include - among others - an inside look at companies supported by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), visits to the Aga Khan University and Aga Khan University Hospital, and opportunities to see work across sectors in education, health, banking, and urban development. The programme also includes a two-day Safari in one of Kenya's extraordinary national parks, local excursions, and recreational time at the beautiful, pristine beaches on the Mombasa Coast. 

Sample schedule:

Week One:

  • Welcome & settling into our home away from home
  • Community building and orientation activities
  • Core Clasesses begin in ethics, faith, and leadership
  • Service project planning
  • Socials with local Jamati youth
  • Excursions to the beach and old town Mombasa

Week Two:

  • Service learning projects
  • Core Classes in ethics, faith, and leadership
  • Arts and culture workshops - visual and performing arts, dance, cooking and cuisine, music
  • Weekend excursion - safari in one of Kenya's beautiful wildlife parks

Weeks Three and Four:

  • Visits to AKDN projects in Nairobi
  • Service learning projects
  • Core classes in ethics, faith, and leadership
  • Workshops
  • Finalize capstone projects
  • Service Leadership Summit
  • Closing ceremonies

Sample Daily Schedule:

The Global Encounters schedule varies from day to day. The following schedule is an example of typical service day:

6:30 - Wake, Wash & Ready for Day

7:00 - Morning Prayers

7:30 – Breakfast

8:15 - Core Classes

10:15 - Service Projects

3:00 - Transition & Break

3:30 - Sports, Swimming & Workshops

4:30 - Free Time, Rest & Shower

6:30 - Evening Prayers

7:00 – Dinner

8:00 - Evening Programme or Workshops

9:30 - Night Snack, Relax, Reflection

10:30 - Lights Out