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Zumba with Taz July 2020

Zumba with Taz July 2020
5 August 2020

Zumba is a fitness class that combines dance and fitness moves that target lots of different muscle groups at once for total body toning.

Most Zumba classes are around 60 minutes long.

When doing Zumba at home, you should target a workout between 30 to 90 minutes. You can link together routines from different videos, or complete one full workout video.

Join Taz in this 30 minute energy packed Zumba class, now, from the comfort of your home !!

First Class - Kalank ׀ Teens Bollywood Dance Class ׀ Az Dance
24 June 2020

This great routine is specially crafted for teens. Enjoy!


ISHTA Yoga with Yasmin Kurmaly
24 June 2020

Join us for a session of ISHTA Yoga with Yasmin Kurmaly

Ghar More Pardesiya | Kalank | Az Dance | Aziza Jaffer Sharma
24 June 2020

Enjoy this dance routine, and burn calories while at it!

Yang & Yin Yoga

Yang and Yin Yoga with Yasmin Kurmaly
20 June 2020

Join us for a Yang and Yin yoga session with Yasmin Kurmaly

Vinyasa flow with Taslim Savji

Vinyasa flow with Taslim Savji
3 June 2020

This is a half-hour gentle session that will invigorate you!

Yoga Without Borders with Yasmin Kurmaly - Yin yoga and yoga nidra
2 June 2020

Ideal for Beginners and Intermediate levels!

Yin yoga is a slower, relaxed style of yoga, which has powerful benefits for the body as well as the mind and spirit. Yin works on the fascia, or the connective tissue, and consists of a series of passive floor poses which are held for longer periods of time. It is these longer holds which create healthy 'stress' on the joints to encourage mobility and to work deep into the connective tissue to expand flexibility. Energy blockages are released and energy flow is increased.

Yoga Nidra literally translates as 'yogic sleep'. There is no effort in Yoga Nidra. You will be guided on a journey between 'awake' and 'dream' state as you are led through a rotation of consciousness throughout the body. A nourishing and nurturing practice.

Yoga with Rehanna Merali - Strong and Gentle LYT flow 1
2 June 2020

Rehanna teaches a technique known as LYT.  Founded by international yoga pioneer and Physical therapist Lara Heimann, LYT (Lara’s Yoga Technique) is a sophisticated method of practice that is based on the three principles of Physiology, Kinesiology and Neurology.

This flow is a gentle flow more at the beginner level offering a lot of modifications and a slower pace to open up the hips, elongate the lower back and relax and strengthen the shoulder girdle.

Yoga Without Borders with Yasmin Kurmaly - Ishta Restorative Yoga
2 June 2020

Ideal for Beginners and Intermediate levels

ISHTA is an acronym for the “Integrated Science of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda” and is a physical and spiritual form of yoga that addresses the individual needs of each student who practices it. The Sanskrit word “ishta” means “individual” or “personalised”. 

Yoga with Rehanna Merali - Birthday Hipflow

Yoga with Rehanna Merali - Birthday Hipflow
2 June 2020

This particular class is all about releasing any tension and anxiety that we often hold in our hips. It focuses largely on using the hips rather than the pelvis for movement, opening up this area. It’s a mid level class that will require some strength but can be tried by anyone using the modifications suggested and building up strength!

Ignite Interview Series: Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge Ignite Interview
29 May 2020

Be inspired today by this great interview with Eliud Kipchoge! #NoHumanIsLimited

Fitness with Faizaan

Fitness with Faizaan - A very short workout for little ones!
20 May 2020

7 year old Faizaan Kassam shows us some good fitness moves!

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