About eSports



The Ismaili eSports is a Global Encounters programme under the umbrella of the Jubilee Games, and will comprise a multitude of inter-related activities culminating in a competitive tournament. The first eSport selected for this segment is The Ismaili eFootball Cup.

The Ismaili eFootbal Cup

The Ismaili eFootball Cup will bring together thousands of participants and spectators from the Global Jamat through friendly competition, sportsmanship, exciting Jamati engagement programs and more! Whether you’re very familiar with esports or a beginner, this promises to be a memorable experience!


Key Objectives


Coming Together, Competing Together

Through a popular gaming format, eSports offers Jamats across geographies and cultures, the opportunity to congregate digitally, to celebrate

Relationship Building

eSports coaches from across the world, help participants in skill development, while providing a platform to build long-term relationships, offering opportunities to compete but also collaborate.

Role Model Awareness

Feature athletes, from within the Jamat, to share their stories and successes to build awareness and aspiration!

Education, Learning & Growth

Content that educates and inculcates responsible online behavior, creates a deeper understanding of the “digital world”, digital etiquette and “parental controls”.

Maximize Engagement

Non-participating members of the Jamat engage through household watch parties, social media activities, regional and national spirit videos and several other spectator engagement initiatives.