Frequently Asked Questions about the 2016 Jubilee Games, including athlete eligibility and registration information.


What is the Jubilee Games?

The Jubilee Games is an international sports tournament of the global Ismaili community that encourages and supports Ismaili athletes in achieving excellence in competitive sport. The Games also enhances the Jamat’s awareness and appreciation for physical fitness and health.

Conceived as a Golden Jubilee International Programme, the inaugural Games were held in June 2008 in Nairobi, Kenya as an international Jamati celebration of sport and fitness. The Games brought together 1 200 Ismaili athletes from over 20 countries, and showcased the global Jamat’s athletic achievement while highlighting its diverse cultural, social and linguistic traditions.

When and where will the Jubilee Games be held?

The Jubilee Games is being held in Dubai, UAE between 22 – 29 July 2016.


What sports will be offered at the Jubilee Games?

The following sports are currently scheduled. Additional sports may be added at later dates.

Team Sports Individual Sports
Football (Soccer)
Volleyball – International
Volleyball – Traditional
Table Tennis
Cricket Golf
Track and Field

Athlete Eligibility

A participant carries the official flag of the 2008 Golden Jubilee Games. JG
A participant carries the official flag of the 2008 Golden Jubilee Games.

How old must I be to participate as an athlete in the Jubilee Games?

You must be at least 18 years old by 31 May 2016 to participate as an athlete.

What travel flexibility and documents should I have if I am an athlete?

You should be able to travel to other countries without any restrictions. You should also have a valid passport and required entry and exit visas.

Who can participate in the Jubilee Games?

Any Ismaili, or any person who has an Ismaili parent or spouse, can participate.

What country can I represent and what are the residency requirements?

As an athlete, you may only represent one Ismaili National Council jurisdiction, which is the country where you currently reside. However:

  • If you relocate to another country less than six months prior to the start date of the Games (22 July 2016), then you may choose to represent your new Ismaili National Council jurisdiction, or the one from where you relocated;
  • If you are a student attending school in another country or a consultant working on a temporary assignment in another country, then you may choose to represent the Ismaili National Council jurisdiction where you study or work, or the one where your permanent home is located.

How are athletes and teams selected to participate in the Jubilee Games?

  1. National Sports Tournament Participant Selection
    • All National Jurisdictions must hold a National Sports Tournament (“NST”) to qualify athletes for the Jubilee Games.
    • National Sports Tournaments should be completed by 13 December 2015.
  2. Non-National Sports Tournament Participant Selection
    • If you are unable to participate in a National Sports Tournament, you must be formally declared eligible to participate in the Jubilee Games by your National Council President in accordance with the approved athlete selection criteria.

How many sports can I take part in during the Jubilee Games?

You may participate in only one team sport or in multiple categories within one individual sport.

Weather in Dubai

What will the weather be like in Dubai during the Jubilee Games?

Dubai can be quite hot and humid during the month of July. Temperatures can reach on average 45 °C (113 °F), and the average humidity is often over 90%. Rainfall is infrequent in Dubai.

While most activities will be held indoors in temperature-controlled environments, participants are encouraged to exercise caution when traveling outdoors, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, apply sunscreen regularly and cover any exposed skin.

The majority of the sports and all non-sporting events (like the opening and closing ceremonies, evening programmes and the Global Village) will be held indoors. Outdoor sports will be scheduled for early mornings or late evenings when the heat is more tolerable.

Additional information and updates on weather and sports will be provided on an ongoing basis. Please check our website from time to time so that you may plan accordingly.


What is the registration fee for qualified athletes?

The registration fee structure for athletes will be communicated by participating Ismaili National Councils.

I would like to attend the Jubilee Games as a spectator. Is there information on registration, travel and accommodation?

Sporting events during the Games are open to all registered spectators. However, tickets will be required for some signature events. Tickets for these events will be available for purchase on-site at the Games.

Emirates Airline is offering all those travelling to Dubai for the 2016 Jubilee Games a 10 per cent discount on most business and economy class return fares. Valid travel dates are between 12 July – 8 August 2016, which encompasses the duration of the Jubilee Games from 22 – 29 July. Participants may purchase tickets directly by clicking the link below or by using the promotion code EVE6JUB when booking tickets with Emirates Airline.

» Book travel to Dubai on Emirates Airline for the Jubilee Games

Third-party travel agencies from a variety of countries are now offering travel packages exclusively to 2016 Jubilee Games spectators who wish to stay in Dubai. A list of travel agencies along with links to flyers and websites that describe their respective offerings and contact details is below:

» Axis Travel (UAE)
» Orient Tours (UAE)
» SAITO (Kenya)
» Travelguzs (USA)

Please note that Jubilee Games and its affiliates are not responsible for the products, services, and content on any third party websites or marketing collateral.

Discovery Programme

What is the Discovery Programme?

Open to athletes, spectators and volunteers attending the Jubilee Games, the Discovery Programme offers a unique opportunity to learn about the history and the impact of AKDN programmes in various countries within close proximity to Dubai, where there are significant Jamati or Imamat projects. This has been specially developed with YOU in mind and offers the ideal programmatic, travel and hospitality options!

Which countries can I visit through the Discovery Programme?

India, Kenya, Tajikistan, Tanzania or Uganda.

How long are the visits to the selected countries?

Excursions are 5–8 days in duration, depending on the country visited. Excursions will take place one week prior to, or immediately following the Jubilee Games.

Who can attend the Discovery Programme?

The Discovery Programme is open to all athletes, spectators and volunteers attending the Jubilee Games (18 years and older or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian). Because of the unique nature of the programme, space is limited for each country.

How can I register for the Discovery Programme?

Please click the booking link on the Discovery Programme page.

What is included in the cost?

All meals, accommodations, intra-country transfers, ground transportation, site visits and entrance fees are Included in the cost of the programme. Each participant is responsible for travel to and from host countries, and any personal expenses incurred on the trip, including the cost of obtaining visas and travel documents.

Will the Discovery Programme help me get a visa to attend?

Obtaining proper travel documents, including visas and passports are the sole responsibility of the individual participants.

Why should I attend the Discovery Programme and not just plan my own trip to one of the selected countries?

One of the main objectives of the Discovery Programme is to raise awareness about Imamat programmes in certain regions of the world. Our team has been working hand-in-hand with the national Ismaili Councils of the host countries and the AKDN offices in those regions to provide access to projects that may not be available to the general public. Additionally, our teams have partnered with leading travel and hospitality groups to offer special facilities and prices.

With instability in certain regions of the world, is it safe to travel to some of these countries?

The safety of the Jamat is of the highest importance to the Discovery Programme team. Extensive efforts have been made to ensure that the regions selected are suitable for our Jamat to visit. We continue to monitor conditions and if the situation should change, participants will be notified accordingly.

What vaccinations are needed?

When travelling outside of your home country, you may be at risk for a number of vaccine-preventable illnesses. You should consult a healthcare provider or visit a travel clinic, preferably six weeks before your travel. For more information, please refer to the Traveler’s Health page of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or visit your healthcare provider.