The official Jubilee Arts song

Introducing the official Jubilee Arts song

If it is true that art is a universal language, then the official Jubilee Arts song expresses that language beautifully.

Composed by Pakistani-Australian Farhan Shah and lyricist Tina Ali Mohammed of the USA, the song weaves together western melodies with eastern flare, fusing the complementary sounds of a diverse range of instruments; from the electric guitar to the Oud (an Arabian string instrument), classical South Asian flute, and even synths harmonising effortlessly with a Rubab (a Persian instrument similar to the lute). The song also uses language itself to express the unity of the Islamic world with lines in English, Urdu/Hindi, Farsi/Tajik and Arabic.

The talented artists on the track also exemplify the diversity of our Jamat; besides Farhan and Tina, you’ll find Qamar Kamal Al Kassir, Saba Rajwani, and Ruheen Adatia as vocalists and the instrumental stylings of Barkat Ali and Shahid Rehman; these talented artists’ ages range from a mere 12 years old to 41, proving that art knows no barrier, whether it be age, language, or borders.

The official Jubilee Arts song strives to represent the Jamat’s diversity, while evoking energy, harmony, and of course, anticipation for the Jubilee Arts events to come.