Over the past few months, thousands of artists from around the world have participated in regional and national arts festivals as part of Jubilee Arts, a Diamond Jubilee international programme celebrating a wide range of artistic disciplines including dance, film, musical performance, visual arts, poetry, graphic design, and more.

These celebrations will culminate in the inaugural International Arts Festival, to take place in Lisbon, Portugal from 06-09 July, 2018. The Festival will be one of the central programmes taking place during the Diamond Jubilee Celebration - Lisboa, marking the conclusion of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee year.

During the historic four‐day, multidisciplinary arts festival, artists, patrons, and volunteers will celebrate the best artistic talent from across the global Ismaili community. The International Arts Festival is a unique opportunity for the Jamat to experience our rich cultural traditions and plurality through three anchor events:

The International Talent Showcase

This exciting showcase of performing arts talent will take place each night on a grand stage, with dance, music, theatre, literary, vocal performances, and more. The International Talent Showcase will feature a different set of artists every night, creating a truly memorable and exciting experience that will take you on a unique journey of sights, sounds, and senses featuring different themes and artists.


The International Art Gallery

Browse through the showcase of visual arts including painting, paper art, sculpture, three‐dimensional art, graphic design, installation art, and more. The International Art Gallery will create an emotive experience for all levels of art aficionados. Experience the gallery with a guided tour or create your own journey by flowing freely through the thoughtfully curated space. In addition to the exhibited art, the gallery will also host workshops and other learning experiences in a variety of formats.


The International Film Festival

The International Film Festival provides the chance to view short films and experience how film can express ideas through narrative, documentary, experimental, animation, and other forms of visual storytelling. You can also engage directly with filmmakers through interactive sessions, keynote panels with film experts, and other special events throughout the festival.


In addition to the three anchor events, there will be a vibrant open space, where you can experience pop up performances, evening activities, interactive activities, a variety of food kiosks, and enjoy reflective spaces and relaxing cafes.

The entire Festival will take place on Lisbon’s scenic waterfront, steps away from unique attractions, with easy access to other areas of interest for the Jamat, such as the Ismaili Centre Lisbon. From its streets and building facades, the city is a treasure trove of artistic expression and with its artistic history, it is no surprise that Lisbon has been chosen to host the Jubilee Arts’ inaugural International Arts Festival.

Mark your calendars and meet us in Lisbon on 06-09 July, 2018 for the first ever Jubilee Arts International Arts Festival and let it ignite the artist in all of us. Additional details, including registration dates, will be posted on the.ismaili soon.