Welcome to the Global Ismaili Youth Model United Nations (IYMUN) 2021!

Countdown to Global Ismaili Youth Model United Nations 2021

Global Ismaili Youth Model United Nations is a MUN conference dedicated to Ismaili Youth aged 12-18 years. This year the conference will be held virtually connecting Ismaili Youth from across the globe. The platform will provide an opportunity for Ismaili Youth to debate on rising global issues, and collaborate with motivated Ismaili Youth from all over the world to form resolutions.

The conference will be held virtually in October 2021 and will cater to multiple time zones. The conference will include an Opening Ceremony, training days for Student Officers, training days for Delegates, Committee Sessions and a Closing Ceremony.

The Global IYMUN 2021 Conference, which is set to follow the THIMUN procedure, is an incredible way for our youth to develop a deeper understanding of these challenges as well as navigate their role in combating them as global citizens.

What is Model United Nations (MUN)?

Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation of the United Nations in which participants can put into practice their learnings surrounding diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations itself. MUN involves participants in public speaking, debating, and negotiations, in addition to providing opportunities for engaging in critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. This experience overarchingly allows participants to develop a deeper understanding of current world issues as well as their role in combating these issues as global citizens.

Why Participate in Global IYMUN 2021?

  • Provide an internationally reputed and recognized student platform, which looks great on college applications and helps students “build their story”
  • Practice problem-solving skills through identifying and determining issues to build final resolutions
  • Hone analytical skills as participants will be challenged and required to solve tasks after examining concerns of other countries, past precedents and potential solutions to come up with an acceptable resolution
  • Practice the art of negotiation and diplomacy in a tactful and result-oriented manner
  • Work on public speaking skills as participants express views and debate in front of an audience
  • Foster Cosmopolitan ethic and global awareness
  • Increase knowledge of world affairs as you represent a country/organization on a global level and interact with delegates representing other countries
  • Gain confidence through meeting new people, working in teams to develop resolutions to assigned tasks and express views in a self-assured manner
  • Provide a platform to the youth to socialize and cultivate their global network within the community

Personal Skill Development with IYMUN