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What is Ismaili Youth Model United Nations 2021 (IYMUN)?
Global Ismaili Youth Model United Nations is a MUN conference dedicated to Ismaili Youth aged 12-18 years. This year the conference will be held virtually connecting Ismaili Youth from across the globe. IYMUN 2021 will provide an opportunity for Ismaili Youth to debate on rising global issues, and collaborate with motivated Ismaili Youth from all over the world to form resolutions.

What is Model United Nations (MUN)?
Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation of the United Nations in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations itself. Members participate in discussions in mock UN Assemblies/Committees to solve real-world issues by suggesting policies developed from the perspective of their assigned countries.

What is the theme and procedure of IYMUN 2021?
This year’s conference theme is Urban and Rural Development, and the conference will follow The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) procedure.

What is the THIMUN procedure?
THIMUN procedure is a globally-acclaimed Model United Nations procedure set forth by The Hague International Model United Nations. Unlike other formats which are characterized by open caucuses and speaker lists, THIMUN is primarily centred around building resolutions, constructing amendments, and debating within committee sessions with your fellow delegates. Delegates will engage in lobbying sessions, during which they can discuss their policy proposals with like-minded delegates and use their time and resources to develop resolutions. They will then engage in open or closed debate on the various submitted resolutions, and vote as a committee.

Who can take part in Ismaili Youth Model United Nations?
Ismaili youth from all countries, who are between the ages of 12-18 years can take part in the conference. The participant must be 12 years of age by 1 September 2021 to participate.

What are the dates of the conference and where will it be held?
The conference will consist of two delegate training days and two days of committee sessions and will also include Opening/Closing Ceremonies. All training days and conferences will be held virtually. Please refer to the Conference Schedule for a detailed breakdown of conference dates.

What are the timings of the conference?
To ensure that Ismaili youth from around the world have the opportunity to participate in IYMUN, participants will have the option of selecting time slots for training days and committee sessions in order of preference. Timings for the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony will be announced shortly.

Please note: Selecting a time slot does not guarantee enrollment in said time slot. Final time slots will be allocated to participants by the IYMUN Organizing Team and will be communicated closer to the conference.

Is there a participation fee?
There is no participation fee to attend IYMUN.

Will we receive a Certificate of Participation?
Yes, all participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Outstanding Delegates and Student Officers will be recognized.

What is the primary language of the IYMUN conference?
IYMUN training sessions and opening/closing ceremonies will be conducted in English. Committee sessions will primarily be conducted in English unless the committee is specifically listed as an Arabic-speaking or Francophone committee. Participants who wish to enrol in Arabic-speaking or Francophone committee should indicate this in their registration form.


Who are Student Officers?
Student Officers are responsible for running the MUN conference, in terms of creating academic resources for the committee, organizing the debate sessions, and facilitating a lively discussion in their committees. They must be thoroughly conversant with the THIMUN rules of procedure and have good knowledge of current affairs - especially issues on their committee’s agenda.

Is there a criterion to apply for a Student Officer position?
Yes, the role of Student Officer is open to anyone with previous MUN experience. All candidates will be required to submit the completed online application form and write a letter of motivation. If shortlisted, a virtual interview will be requested.

What is the deadline for the Student Officer application?
The deadline for submission of all Student Officer applications is August 6th, 2021. Complete applications, including the form and letter of motivation, must be received by the closing date. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

How many positions can I apply for?
Participants can only apply for any ONE position. The IYMUN Organizing Team may consider you for a different position than the one you applied for.

Can I apply if I have no THIMUN experience?
Prior experience with, and knowledge of the THIMUN procedure is recommended for Student Officer applicants, but it is not imperative! We will be hosting mandatory Student Officer training sessions for selected applicants during which you will receive thorough THIMUN procedural training. Additionally, Student Officers will be provided resources supporting them with THIMUN rules such as points, motions, clauses, amendments, resolutions, lobbying, debate, and voting procedures.

What will my responsibilities be as a Student Officer?
As a Student Officer, you will be required to attend the virtual conference training sessions. These sessions will train you in the THIMUN procedure, help you engage with the online platforms so you are comfortable with leading committee sessions, and will provide you with resources to support you through the conference. Additionally, you will be required to write a research report on the debate topic assigned to you. Don’t worry, we will provide you with a sample research report and a template to fill in. Lastly, your most important role as a Student Officer is to ensure that the conference weekends run smoothly and that the delegates of your committee enjoy a fruitful day of debate and learning!


Who are Delegates?
The participants at Model United Nations conferences are called delegates. They are assigned a country that is different to the one that they are from and/or live in and have to embody the role of a representative of the nation to the specific United Nations committee they are assigned. In the committee sessions, delegates will debate and provide policy suggestions on the topics at hand from the perspective of their own country’s domestic and foreign policy.

How can I register as a Delegate?
To register as a Delegate, you will need to complete an application form. Deadline for delegate registration is 18 September 2021. Places are limited, registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Is there a criterion to be selected as a Delegate?
Prior MUN experience is not required to register as a delegate. Eligible Ismaili youth in the target age group with or without prior experience are encouraged to apply.

Can I attend the conference if I have no prior THIMUN experience?
Although IYMUN will be using the THIMUN procedure, delegates from all MUN backgrounds are welcome - whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting your MUN career. There will be training sessions closer to the conference dates that all delegates can attend. These sessions will help you understand the mechanisms of the THIMUN procedure. Additionally, delegates will be provided with a Conference Handbook, outlining all the important information they need to know in order to perform their best at IYMUN.

How can I attend the training sessions and committee sessions?
Training sessions and committee sessions will be held virtually. Participants are encouraged to log in to these sessions using a laptop with a stable internet connection. Participants who do not have access to a laptop can use their smartphones/tablets to log in, however, this may compromise their conference experience and is not recommended. Participants will need to have their video on at all times. Login instructions will be shared with registered participants closer to the conference day.

Would I need to have my camera on at all times?
Yes, all participants, including Student Officers and Delegates, would need to have their cameras on at all times during the training sessions and committee sessions.

What will my responsibilities be as a Delegate?
As a Delegate, you will be required to attend the virtual conference training sessions. These sessions will train you in the THIMUN procedure, help you engage with the online platforms so you are comfortable with participating in committee sessions, and will provide you with resources to support you through the conference. Additionally, you will be required to do research on the debate topic and country assigned to you. Don’t worry, we will provide you with training and resources to support you. Lastly, it’s most important to participate and enjoy a fruitful day of debate and learning!

If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please email us at [email protected].