WEBCAST: AKF talk on “Empowering India’s Women” at Ismaili Centre in London

The Aga Khan Foundation will conduct an onstage discussion on Empowering India’s Women that will take place at the Ismaili Centre, London on Thursday, 23 February. The event will be webcast at TheIsmaili.org/live and is expected to start at 8:15 PM GMT (London time).

This webcast has now concluded. Thank you for joining us.


This is a LIVE WEBCAST of an Aga Khan Foundation onstage discussion at the Ismaili Centre, London about “Empowering India’s Women” on Thursday, 23 February 2017. It is expected to begin at 8:15 PM London time (GMT).

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The Aga Khan Foundation held an onstage discussion titled Empowering India’s Women – A self-help movement through savings, entrepreneurship & access to key services at the Ismaili Centre, London on 23 February 2017.

The event is due to commence at 8:15 PM GMT (London time) and will be webcast at TheIsmaili.org/live.

Tinni Sawhney, CEO of Aga Khan Foundation India and Matt Reed, CEO of AKF in the United Kingdom, discussed how the Foundation is enhancing women’s financial security, improving incomes and promoting access to sanitation that provides both dignity and safety.



We regret that due to unexpected technical difficulties have resulted in a cancellation of this live webcast. We apologise for this inconvenience and hope to be able to publish a video of the event in due course.


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