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17 November 2016
1:45 PM
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The Ismaili Centre Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Dubai, 16 November 2016 — His Excellency Masud Husain, Canadian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and His Excellency Emmanuel Kamarianakis, Consul General of Canada to Dubai and Northern Emirates visited the Ismaili Centre, Dubai.
The dignitaries toured the Ismaili Centre, including Aga Khan Early Learning Centre. The Ambassador was appreciative of the joint initiatives between the Canadian Embassy and the Ismaili Centre. The two institutions, along with Aga Khan Museum, and Art Dubai have jointly hosted presentations about the museum for the past three years.
The dignitaries were apprised of the commemoration of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee, starting 11 July 2017. The Consul General talked about about Canada celebrating its 150th anniversary of Confederation this year, and expressed interest in planning joint programmes in areas of mutual interest.