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Sundays at the Museum: Abida Parveen.

Government Stimulus- Enabling SME's with Soraiya Esmail, Abid Mukhi (AKEPB Webinar UAE)

COVID-19: Maternal Mental Health and Child Health.

Farrokh Derakhshani, director, Aga Khan Award for Architecture, has been with the institution for 38 years. He has seen the Award grow into what is considered by critics and professional practitioners to be one of the most serious and substantive architectural prizes in the world.  Farrokh speaks about how the Award functions and introduces a film on the history of this institution.

Enjoy a rare opportunity to see this legendary Pakistani ensemble perform Qawwali — a form of devotional Sufi music with origins in ancient Islamic poetry.

Video clip highlighting the work of Time and Knowledge Nazrana (TKN) volunteers around the world.Interviews with TKN volunteers, and host institutions. With English subtitles.

Introduced by Fairouz Nishanova, this film honours the Diamond Jubilee of Mawlana Hazar Imam and his 60-year-long commitment to supporting pluralism, civil society, and the arts. Featuring music, musicians, and musical instruments from Afghanistan, China, Egypt, India, Italy, Mali, Syria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and the United States.

Learn how to Sketch - USA

Sunday Khana Khazana - India

Introductory address by Chairman Zahra Merchant - Chalo Jivi Laiye) part 1

Opening of Ismaili Centre Dubai. 

Facets of Faith: Metaphors and Mirrors - Transformation Through Guidance In this week’s edition of the Facets of Faith series, Alwaeza Sheizana Murji explores the importance of guidance in our spiritual quests, followed by a discussion with Alwaeza Fawziah Bhatia on spiritual transformation.

Il n'y a pas de banques sur l'île d'Ibo au Mozambique. Néanmoins, ses résidents réussissent à épargner, investir et emprunter de l'argent. Découvrez comment cela est accompli.

En 2010, 24 enfants de Pitolha, au Mozambique, souffraient de malnutrition. Aujourd'hui, ils sont tous en santé. Découvrez comment cela a été accompli.

Le jour où l’hôpital provincial de Bamiyan a ouvert ses portes, douze femmes sont arrivées au service de maternité sur le point d’accoucher. En Afghanistan, les femmes ont une chance sur 52 de mourir en raison d’une grossesse au cours de leur vie, mais la plupart de ces décès sont

Il n’est pas facile d’obtenir des soins de santé dans les montagnes de l’Afghanistan. Mais avec ce nouveau bâtiment, l’hôpital provincial de Bamiyan offre maintenant des services de calibre mondial à un demi-million d’Afghans, grâce au soutien des gouvernements du Canada et de la France et à la.

Jubilee Arts Internatonal Talent Showcase: Sadiq Rehmani - Australia.

Jubilee Arts Internatonal Talent Showcase: Appan - Bangladesh.

Jubilee Arts Internatonal Talent Showcase: Mast Kalandar - DR Congo.

The Global Concert is a featured signature event, which embraces our diversity and celebrates our unity through music and culture to create excitement about the 2016 Jubilee Games.