Global Ismaili CIVIC Day

The Ismaili CIVIC initiative was conceived in 2020 in response to guidance from His Highness the Aga Khan to add value to Shia Ismaili Islam through its work, presence and contributions to the communities and countries in which it lives. While Ismaili CIVIC is active year-round, the Global Ismaili CIVIC Day (GICD) was established as its flagship event. It serves as a global occasion for the Ismaili community worldwide to unite and celebrate its age-old tradition of serving humanity and enhancing the well-being of the communities in which the Jamat lives.

This year marks the 3rd Global Ismaili CIVIC Day, offering an opportunity to spotlight the Ismaili community's enduring commitment to volunteerism and their ethos of elevating the quality of life of communities around the world. Since its inception, 33 countries have participated in nearly 1700 activities, collaborating with more than 600 national and international organisations, and contributing to the planting of over 3 million trees worldwide.

The upcoming Global Ismaili CIVIC Day, scheduled for 24 September, will witness volunteers from around the world coming together to engage in over 350 diverse activities on a global scale. These activities will range from planting mangrove trees and creating micro forests to organising beach and park cleanups, donating blood and essential resources like clothing and hygiene kits, conducting household contribution drives, and much more.