What does the Ismaili CIVIC brand represent?

The Ismaili CIVIC brand will be used globally and will serve to identify all Ismaili CIVIC activities worldwide. It represents our external volunteer service across the globe in every way, through the words Khidmat, meaning service. The logo contains the Roman letters “I” and “C” as well as the word “Khidmat” in Arabic, rendered in Kufic calligraphy within a sphere, embracing the East and the West, serving humanity around the world, reflecting the values of care and compassion for others.

What guiding principles and themes are relevant to Ismaili CIVIC?

The following are guiding principles of Ismaili CIVIC:

  • Serving humanity
  • Improving the quality of life of the communities in which Ismailis live
  • Building on the Ismaili community’s ethic of civic engagement and good citizenship

Within this context, Ismaili CIVIC programmes fall into three themes:

  • Environmental Stewardship – to implement and support initiatives focused on carbon sequestration which aim to conserve, protect, and create a more sustainable environment;
  • Poverty Alleviation – to help reduce and, where possible, eliminate human suffering resulting from poverty;
  • Community Health – to help improve health outcomes, particularly for those who lack sufficient access to basic services, including providing support during health-related emergencies.

When does the 2023 Global Ismaili CIVIC Day take place?

Global Ismaili CIVIC Day 2023 will take place on Sunday, 24 September 2023. Activities are also planned on 23 September and carry into the following weekend in many countries.

Which countries will participate in Ismaili CIVIC activities?

Some 30 countries are preparing to participate in Ismaili CIVIC activities on 24 September 2023.