See the events taking place at the Ismaili Centre Toronto.

Mar 8
International Women's Day 2020
17 February 2020

Join us in celebrating International Women's Day amidst phenomenal role models who will share their stories brimming with wisdom and learnings to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Jan 29
Healthy Moms, Healthy Families
2 January 2020

Did you know women's health has a direct impact on the well-being of their families? Join us on Bell Let's Talk Day for a panel discussion with esteemed speakers from Women's College Hospital to learn about barriers in women's mental health, and for an inspiring discussion on new initiatives to help bridge these gaps.

Dec 21
Rebirth of the Sun
1 November 2019

“Don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet but the roots are down there riotous”
— Rumi

Nov 24
Future-Proofing Yourself for the Future of Work
1 November 2019

In the face of potential job disruption due to emerging technologies, learn how to future-proof yourself. This session will be followed by a workshop that will teach you the essentials of personal branding and professional presence.


Nov 21
Faith and Ethics by M. Ali Lakhani
6 November 2019

The Aga Khan Council for Canada is pleased to present the book launch of Faith and Ethics by M. Ali Lakhani.  The event will be moderated by Iain T. Benson

Nov 20
In a Heartbeat Exhibition
26 September 2019

Aga Khan Foundation’s touring exhibit, In a Heartbeat, will be displayed at the Ismaili Centre from September 27th to November 20th. In this interactive exhibit, visitors meet six women in Asia and Africa who are leading the way to better health for their communities.

Nov 16
1 November 2019

Learn more about the expressions of reverence for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him and His family) from the pre-modern Muslim era, during our annual Milad-un-Nabi commemoration at the Ismaili Centre, Toronto.


Nov 9
SEEING THE UNSEEABLE - Unmasking Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope
22 October 2019


Over the past few decades, astronomers have identified numerous tantalizing observations suggesting black holes are real, but the possibility of actually seeing one seemed like a pipe dream. All of this changed this past April when the world awoke to the first image ever taken of a black hole...

Oct 23
Exploring Global Health and Gender Equality
19 October 2019

The Aga Khan Foundation Canada is pleased to invite you to an evening exploring global health and gender equality issues in Africa and Asia. Join us to find out more about the struggles women in developing countries encounter. You will hear first-hand accounts of how Canadian-supported initiatives are contributing to improved health and rights for women and girls to those most in need. The evening will include a moderated armchair discussion with leading experts in the field, including Yasmin Karim, Dr. Shahirose Sadrudin Premji and Dr. Humayoon Helal. 

Oct 19
Why Art Matters – with Dr. Sajoo and Henry Kim
19 October 2019

The final session of the Ismaili Centre, Toronto’s speaker series, Who Are We, Where Are We Headed? featured a discussion with Aga Khan Museum Director Henry Kim and centred on the theme of “Why Art Matters”. Hosted by Dr. Amyn Sajoo, the discussion was framed around the importance of art in our increasingly polarized world.

Oct 16
All Candidates’ Forum at Ismaili Centre, Toronto
30 December 2019

Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau faced opposing political candidates in an All Candidates’ Forum hosted by the Ismaili Centre, Toronto. The debate allowed members from all political parties to engage in dialogue in advance of Canada’s federal election. Candidates discussed four key issues — climate change, economic security, international affairs, and diversity — moderated by Aleem Kanji, Vice President of Government Relations at the Sutherland Corporation, a public affairs and strategic communications firm.

Oct 5
Nuit Blanche 2019
29 December 2019

Nuit Blanche is an annual festival, where for one night an entire city is turned into an art gallery. Museums, art galleries, and other cultural institutions are open and accessible free of charge. For the fifth year in a row, from sunset to sunrise the Aga Khan Park, the Ismaili Centre, Toronto, and the Aga Khan Museum were alive with an array of art exhibits, multimedia installations, and musical performances for Nuit Blanche 2019.

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