Home Country – Pakistan
Current City – Dubai, UAE (3 years)
Profession – Nursing Assistant
Education – Liaqat College, Pakistan

Many members of the Ismaili Community in Pakistan have been pursuing nursing and medical assistance careers, and I was inspired by this. I have not yet taken my nursing licensing exam, so at this time I am working as a nursing assistant.

Current Role:
"WARRIORS"…there seems to be no better word to describe the current role being played by nurses and all healthcare professionals worldwide.  We are heading to work each day to care for patients with and without COVID-19, even with somewhat limited supplies of PPE at the beginning of the pandemic.  Everyday, I get ready to go to work and I think, “This may be the day that I get the virus and if I do, will my family and I suffer?”

These days, nurses, and fellow healthcare professionals are experiencing more love and respect. Until a month or two ago, I felt that we were not properly recognized, and in a way, this virus has really made people understand the importance of the healthcare system and that nurses are the backbone of this system.

But at the end of this, we must continue to fight for our people and for the health of our nation.

All we need to do is stay healthy by properly following the instructions from our governments and health authorities.  Wash your hands carefully so that we can stay safe and keep others safe. Many people across the world are staying home, so this is definitely the time to learn new things and explore new skills.