Home City – Karachi, Pakistan
Profession – Nurse
Education – BSc Nursing DOW University Hospital 2015

I love this profession because it allows a person to serve humanity and I think this is the best way I can voluntarily help those who are in need. Of course, I am inspired by an amazing nurse who is currently working in the Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi. She is my mother, whom I have always seen as hardworking and ambitious in her profession.

I worked in Belhoul Specialty Hospital, Dubai as a front-line emergency nurse, facing all different kinds of patients, including those infected with COVID-19.  I tried my best to serve everyone with a smile and a gentle therapeutic hand to help them with their problems.
As an emergency nurse, I had been taking care of different categories of patients including high risk patients with different comorbidities. Even people with a simple cough or flu were scared that they had COVID-19, and it was our responsibility to guide them, treat them, and teach them how to care for themselves at home. Thus, the role of a nurse being a guide was critically important.
I had never seen people so scared for their lives as I did during my experience.  When a person came to emergency even with a simple flu and asked “Do I have COVID-19,” I smiled and said don’t worry, you will be fine. Then we worked toward ensuring patient safety.  To see a patient smile with my assurances, it brought joy and accomplishment.

COVID-19 prevention is about simple precautions which can result in your safety as well as that of your loved ones. As medical professionals, we are there to help patients in many ways, but people can help themselves by taking care of their health. Eat healthy, stay at home and come to the hospital if you show symptoms of COVID-19 and have underlying problems such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes and others.