Home Country – Pakistan
Current City – Al Ain, UAE
Profession – Medical Practitioner


My background in life is derivative of a union of northern and southern culture, hence growing up, I had the privilege of being reared in a diverse environment with multi-cultural exposure. Since my parents were associated with a medical field, I grew to appreciate the significance of their role in my life from the very beginning, especially while living in the rural, yet scenic northern areas of Pakistan. As a child, I remember moving to that part of the world because my parents desired deeply to provide optimum healthcare to the underprivileged northern jamat of Pakistan.

I was fuelled with a passion for pursuing the field of medicine as I witnessed the difference that my parents made in the lives of many, and I intended to enhance and continue their mission.

Current Role:

In 2013, I moved to the UAE and started my practice in the Department of Emergency Medicine. While working currently at Amana Healthcare Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital, I have pursued the highest degree of care for my patients. While ensuring their physical ailments are being managed, I have strived to provide mental peace of mind as well. This is particularly important in the case of senior citizens, where I have found that an empathetic approach often leads to a higher standard for care.

My current pursuit of a Masters in Ageing, from the University of Melbourne, Australia, has galvanised the need for adaptation within me. From solving case studies to conducting deep research on the needs of seniors, I have learned to constantly keep innovating in order to tackle the problems that commonly affect this demographic.

Today we are all facing the unprecedented challenges of a pandemic. Providing care as a frontline member while risking exposure to the lives of our families is the sacrifice needed. While it is unfortunate that we face this calamity, I find myself privileged to have this opportunity to serve the community.


His Highness the Aga Khan continues to bring us hope.  I would advise the Jamat to reflect upon his words and guidance, and what they mean to us individually.  While we all are advised to stay home, utilize this time productively so that once this catastrophe is over, we can rise as a stronger Jamat and continue to make difference within and outside our community.