Country of Origin – Pakistan
City – Dubai, UAE
Profession – Pediatric Dentist
Education – Queen Mary University of London, UK (2011)

Coincidentally, my teeth were a big challenge for me as a kid. They were irregular and I used to frequently visit the Orthodontist back in Karachi. This triggered an interest in dentistry from an early age. Growing up, my passion for dentistry increased and I was specifically interested in children and keen on treating children with special needs and dental phobia. Based on His Highness the Aga Khan’s guidance, I also wanted to pursue education in a field where I could serve humanity.

I am a pediatric dentist and work at Micris Dental Clinic Dubai. Patients are already anxious because of pain and parents are fearful due to the spread of COVID-19. It requires much more compassion, care and patience these days. However, the smiles of children, once their teeth are treated and pain-free, makes it worthwhile.

I have noticed these days with lockdowns, physical distancing regulations, and restrictions, families are spending more time at home. As a result, the sugar intake of families has increased (especially in children). It is difficult to keep children away from chocolates, ice cream and candy but parents should monitor and control the sugar intake of their children. Dental hygiene and proper brushing, especially after sugary meals or snacks, is a must! Along with other safety measures, keep your teeth safe from the hidden monsters as well!