Home Country – Pakistan
Current Country – UAE
Profession – Critical Care Unit Nurse
Education – Aga Khan School of Nursing, 2002

Current Role:
I have been working in the UAE as a CCU nurse since 2013, and previously worked at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, from 2002 to 2012.

As an CCU/ICU nurse, we have to be quite strong to deal with all kinds of situations.  These patients, and their families, are fully depending on us, as a CCU nursing team, to take the best care of their loved ones while they are in a very undesirable situation. We must always be physically, mentally and emotionally strong. This has helped us to be prepared to deal with patients during the current pandemic.

I am currently working as a frontline staff for COVID-19 patients.  Dealing with these patients, we need to be strong and understanding, as they are emotionally upset about their family and responsibilities. As a nurse I feel we need to give them mental and emotional support to help them to overcome their current situation.

COVID-19 has taught me that unexpected things can happen in life and we need to be more careful for ourselves and for our families. Handling COVID-19 patients is a great challenge in terms of safety of staff – there is significant anxiety of being a carrier of the infection.

“Stay safe always. Keep yourselves and your surroundings clean.  Unite as one community to help our members at any point in time during this situation.  Wealth can be restored anytime but life can't be.”