Home City – Karachi, Pakistan
Current City – Dubai, UAE (2 months)
Profession –Nurse (Neonatal)
Education –B.Sc. Nursing, MBA in Hospital Management

Current Role:
I am a Neonatal Nurse and dealing with this population, where patients have little to no immunity, requires strict infection control practices, critical thinking and prior action for early recovery. During this pandemic, I have been assigned to COVID-19 patients and my experience in neonates duplicates my innate habits of infection control and prevention of spread. We use advanced personal protective equipment (PPE) to make it easier for us to deal with the situation more comfortably and competently.

As a nurse, my role has changed completely. Previously, we were assigned to a variety of patients using standard precaution. Now we deal with COVID-19 patients and we have to follow strict PPE protocols to protect ourselves and others from the disease.

During this time, I have learned that one person or one profession cannot alone defeat this disease. The approach has to be comprehensive, prolonged, and steady, with equal community effort.  We are combating something where every single person is responsible for the protection of the whole community. If one loses focus or does not take this seriously, it affects not only that person or their family, but a whole community in terms of wastage of resources, economic crises and ultimately loss of human lives.