In November 2021, designs of the forthcoming Ismaili Center in Houston were presented at a special event hosted in Texas and streamed live around the world. Construction is underway and images of progress will be periodically shared here.

Established by Mawlana Hazar Imam for the Jamat in the USA and around the world, the new Ismaili Center will represent a dialogue between faith and world, East and West, traditional and contemporary, and between humanity and nature. The Ismaili Center, Houston will join several prestigious buildings commissioned over recent decades by institutions, designated under the broader category of Ismaili Centers, of which there are diverse examples in Dubai, Dushanbe, Lisbon, London, Toronto, and Vancouver.

An esteemed design team shared plans for the site’s building and gardens with civic officials, community representatives, architects, leaders from civil society, and the media.

December 2022, Ismaili Center in Houston Construction Progress:
The central atrium and prayer hall steel erection are constructed. Two levels of the underground parking structure are constructed. Development has begun on Level 1 walls and columns, and the installation of the north eivan star columns are scheduled to begin in January 2023. Click here to see a construction progress video.

This page will be updated with images and video footage throughout the Center’s construction.