Khel Utsav, organised by the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Southern India, was a sports event seeking participation from Jamati members aged between 6 and 60 years. The objective was to develop a sports culture in the Jamat, celebrate sportspersons and take a step towards Building Sports Champions.

Celebration was the buzzword for the jamat of Hyderabad once again in the month of October 2018. This time it was not 21st March or 11th July or 13th December!

It was for KHEL UTSAV--A Celebration of Fitness; A Celebration of Sports; A Celebration for creating CHAMPIONS!

The participants were grouped in four categories - Building Champions (6 - 15 Years), League Mania (16 - 40 Years), Fitness First (41 - 55 Years) and Golden Games (56 Years and above). They underwent rigorous training for about 60 days, following which their performances were recognized and rewarded in the Grand Finale held at the Kompally and Chiragali Jamatkhana Centres.

The culmination of this celebration was the closing ceremony. The ceremony included not only the finals of the Table Tennis League and the Traditional and International Volleyball matches but also cricket matches. The players were the Leadership of the Hyderabad, Mehdipatnam, Secunderabad and Kompally Jamatkhanas, and the Local and Regional Councils. To encourage parents and to help them visualize the path of future sports champions, achievers in the field of sports were felicitated. These lucky youngsters were Nirali Padaniya, Ilyan Sathani, Zoeb Dhamani and Ali Mohammed Hamid. Children who participated in the building champions sessions were awarded certificates and winners from all the leagues were given awards amidst cheers and good wishes from the jamat, who attended the Utsav in large numbers. Their enthusiasm was unparalleled.

George Washington Carver quotes, “When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world.” Khel Utsav was one such feat.

The Southern India region was able to achieve participation from 762 participants and this is just the beginning. Today, the region reports over 100 children enrolled in regular play. The setting up of Volleyball/Throwball courts in Kompally and the Table Tennis tables in Hyderabad have proven to be a great hit among the Jamati members.

Khel Utsav created a lasting impression among the jamat, increasing their awareness towards sports and has been responsible for the pivotal change in the attitude of the jamat towards sports and fitness.

One Program; One Dream; One Team; and a Thousand were Impacted!