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Job Profile- Manager Academics – Development, Training & Monitoring. Budget Mumbai

Qualification - Bachelor of Arts or Post Graduate in history/geography, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.). Knowledge of using technology for education would be preferred" "8-10 years of experience in successfully managing overall academic development for a chain of schools"

Job Responsibilities - 
*Oversee curriculum development, implementation, monitoring and review.
*Support common academic planning and execution across the schools in alignment with requirements of the affiliating boards.
*Develop and effectively implement appropriate assessment strategies and modules for schools aligning with the requirements of affiliating boards and their periodical review.
*Develop and implement School Performance Analysis – academic and admin both; across the school system.
*To monitor trend of students & results across schools and hostel.
*To maintain tracker on Curriculum planning & Co curricular.
*Develop Learning Resources for students and relevant teacher references.
*Support school academic strategic plans and their implementation and periodical review.
*Support innovative and creative teaching and learning practices.
*Contribute towards development of AKESI school documents to bring in standardization in documentation and communication. e.g. school diary, annual magazine, teacher’s/staff handbook, manuals etc. for publication.
*Facilitate and lead schools’ participation in quality assurance programs, surveys, schools ranking/benchmarking opportunities, etc.
*Source and share best practices with the schools.
*Facilitate schools’ transition to digital teaching and learning environment in collaboration with the Information Manager and Academic Head.

Salary -  As per interview and experience

Status -  Open

Contact - [email protected]