The Aga Khan Health Board for India (AKHB,I) is pleased to announce the launch of the Ismaili Healthcare Professionals Association, India (IHPA,India). The IHPA aims to provide a forum for the personal and professional development of all its members, providing a network that can also be leveraged in service of the Jamat. With this mandate in mind, IHPA aims to:

1. Augment the personal and professional growth of its members
2. Provide opportunities to build their network
3. Leverage the expertise of its members to provide specialized services to the Jamat; and
4. Provide fulfilling opportunities for service to the Jamat

IHPA Membership is open to:
1. Ismaili health professionals (including all allied health fields).
2. Interns and young graduates who are currently pursuing a career in any health-related field.

Why launch IHPA now?
The Covid-19 pandemic has placed healthcare at the forefront of public consciousness and a number of Jamati healthcare professionals have provided extraordinary service to the Jamat, at this time. Through your efforts:
1. The doctor’s panel on the Jamati Helpline has provided timely medical guidance, expertise and mental health support, all of which have been a vital lifeline for the Jamat during the lockdown
2. The Jamat has benefited from several webinars on COVID-related topics including disease management, vaccination and insurance.
3. Other webinars on disease awareness and prevention have helped to promote a culture of healthy living.

What kind of opportunities will IHPA provide?
1. Knowledge sharing programmes across its network
2. Support in areas such as practice management, financial planning and mental and physical health
3. Opportunities to mentor and be mentored; and
4. Opportunities to serve, providing health domain specific expertise to the Jamati institutions.

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Join the IHPA family here and stay tuned for further updates!