Heath Updates by Aga Khan Heath Board India

Series of Videos and Webinars from the Aga Khan Heath Board, India (AKHB,I) on Covid-19.

1. Update on COVID-19 - Dr. Sulaiman Ladhani - 6th March, 2020

On 6th March 2020, the Aga Khan Health Board for India released an advisory on COVID-19 featuring Dr. Sulaiman Ladhani.


2. Taking care of our health during the lockdown - Dr. Malik Merchant

Dr. Malik Merchant, Psychiatrist, Prince Aly Khan Hospital explains us the ways in which we can take care of our physical and mental health during the lockdown with social distancing.


3. Advisory for Kirana (Grocery) Stores

This is an advisory regarding the best practices that Kirana (Grocery) Stores can follow to ensure that they are able to conduct their business with utmost safety in the current scenario. This video features Dr. Amin Momin, Dr. Seema Popatiya and Dr. Sulaiman Ladhani.



1. Webinar on COVID-19 (Gujarati) - 1st April, 2020

This is a webinar on COVID-19, addressing the different queries that people have about this pandemic. This webinar featured Dr. Seema Popatiya (Former Chairperson, Regional Health Board for Southern Saurashtra and District TB Officer, Porbander) and Dr. Amin Momin (Senior Orthopedic Surgeon, Life Care Hospital, Mumbai). It was hosted by Mrs. Shamsha Sumar (Hon. Secretary, Regional Board for Western India).


2. Webinar on Health Insurance - 2nd April, 2020

This is a webinar on Health Insurance featuring Mr. Sahil Kabir Dodhiya, a member of Aga Khan Health Board for India and an associate member of the Insurance Institute for India. It was hosted by Mr. Shafique Porbanderwala, who has been associated with Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for India (AKEPB,I) in the capacities of Member and Honorary Secretary and is the President of the All India Furniture Manufacturers and Traders Association.


3. Webinar on Mental Health - 9th April, 2020

This is a webinar on Mental Health featuring a panel of speakers including Dr. Malik Merchant (Consultant Psychiatrist, Prince Aly Khan Hospital), Dr. Salim Hirani (Pediatrician, Children's Clinic, Surat) and Dr. Suleman Virani (Consultant Psychiatrist, Director, ASSSAN Hospital, Nagpur). This session was hosted by Elisha Virani, member of the Aga Khan Health Board for India (School Counsellor and Psychotherapist).