Webinar 1: 3D Printing by Dr. Guruprasad Rao:
3D printing has long passed the point of being seen only as a prototyping solution. Every day, companies are finding new ways to incorporate this technology into production across industries ranging from automotive to consumer goods. Tune in for this interesting webinar with Guruprasad Rao to learn more about how the industry works and why jobs in 3D printing are on the rise.

Webinar 2: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Readers by Amrut Deshmukh: 
Do you doze off after reading 5 pages?  Do you have difficulty remembering what you read? Do you feel guilty about not reading enough? Or you cannot decide what to read? Tune in for a webinar by Amrut Deshmukh, the founder of a free mobile app called Booklet. Amrut talks about the seven habits of highly effective readers, teaching us all, how we can unlock the power of the written word.

Webinar 3: The Aga Khan International Scholarship Programme (AKISP) by Shaunak Bhayani: 
Dreaming of going abroad on a scholarship? This informative webinar by Shaunak Bhayani takes you through the application process for the Aga Khan International Scholarship Programme. Deep dive into the application process and learn how to crack the scholarship interview! The AKISP is offered each year to a small number of students who are looking to pursue their Masters abroad, at reputed universities.

Webinar 4: JEE-CET Webinar by Bharat and Neeta (Sinhal Classes): 
Every year, lakhs of students appear for the JEE and CET competitive entrance exams for full time Engineering and Medical courses. Learn more about preparing yourself to crack these competitive entrances.

Webinar 5: Journeys in the Branding Industry, Different Career Paths, Live Case Study: by Divika Mehta, Divya Parekh, Ektaa Hira & Nikhilesh Karnani:


Webinar 6: Parents as Career Coaches: by Karishma Jivani: 
Want to go from being a parent to being a career coach as well? Tune in for this webinar with Karishma Jivani to explore how you can enable your child to make smart decisions about their career.

Webinar 7: Profile Development and Preparation for Higher Studies: by Nainika Ajani & Mehnaz Jaffer: 
Want to get admission into a great university? The journey starts earlier than you think. Tune in for this informative webinar, to understand: a) the application process requirements for global destinations; b) board and subject selection; and c) opportunities to build your educational profile and strengthen your resume

Webinar 8: Self-Driving Cars: Alisha Sonawala:
Tune in for this informative webinar on technology and the future of autonomous cars.

Webinar 9: Stem Cells with Dr. Geeta Shroff:
Want to know more about stem cells? These building blocks of life can develop into many different types of cells; and today, new medical technologies are using stem cell therapy to treat serious illnesses. What hope do stem cells offer for the future of medicine? And how can you carve out a meaningful career in this space? Watch his informative webinar with Dr. Geeta Shroff to learn more.

Webinar 10: Studying Abroad: The Covid-19 Context: Dr. Pratibha Jain: 
Covid-19 has had a significant impact on higher education with many students choosing to defer or delay their plans of studying abroad. Join leading counsellor Pratibha Jain as she provides clarity on the pathway to pursuing your higher education abroad. As part of this webinar, Dr. Jain covers: a) information on various universities; b) standardized tests, SOPs and pre-departure assistance, c) admission and application processes; and a Q&A session.

Webinar 11: Study Abroad: Dr. Pratibha Jain: 
Learn more about the application process, university selection and the standardized tests required, to kick start your admission to a university overseas.

Webinar 12: Study Smart: How to successfully prepare for your exams: Munir Damani 
Most students pull all-nighters to complete major assignments or study for major exams. There is a huge difference between studying hard and studying smart. Studying hard is time consuming and stressful, whereas studying smart reduces stress, is efficient, and produces optimal results. Learn more about how to study smart, in this informative webinar by Munir Damani.

Webinar 13: Explore field like Architecture Machine learning and more with Nabeel Gilani:
Explore the fields of architecture and machine learning with Nabeel Gilani, Research Assistant at MIT Media Labs.