Ismailis Engaged in Responsible Volunteering (I-CERV) from the greater Los Angeles area showcased their civic pride by participating in the city of Santa Monica's annual Fourth of July Parade for the second year.

In addition to marching in the parade, volunteers also assisted in crowd control along parade route, both on foot and on bicycles. In total, 50 volunteers, ranging from youth aged 6 and up, to Golden Club members, took part in this event, celebrated across the country.
Parade walkers proudly displayed an I-CERV banner and the American flag on the route. The 30 parade walkers proudly danced to the One Jamat song, patriotic songs, and showed American pride by sporting accessories in red, white and blue, and holding American flags.
Our service was recognized by the Santa Monica Police Department, including Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks, and Deputy Chief Alfonso Venegas, as well as the co-founder of the parade Jeff Jarow, who expressed his gratitude to the volunteers for their support.
Muizz Kheraj and Azim Rajan met with a number of dignitaries and city leaders, including Ted Lieu, U.S. Congressman for the California’s 33rd congressional district; Richard Bloom, Assemblyman and former Santa Monica City Mayor; Shawn Landres, Commission and Chair for the Quality and Productivity Commission for the City of Los Angeles; parade organizers; and Police Chief Mrs. Seabrooks.
Muizz invited Congressman Ted Lieu, along with Assemblyman Richard Bloom and Shawn Landres, to attend the Aga Khan Foundation Walk on November 12, 2017. He also discussed celebrations being held in Pasadena on Imamat Day, July 11, marking the beginning of Mawlana Hazar Imam's Diamond Jubilee.