First Aid Facilities

First Aid teams will be available inside the Hall. There will be a central First Aid facility on site and ambulances will be available in case of an emergency.  Should any Jamati member encounter a health problem or become aware of a medical emergency, please immediately notify the nearest volunteer or First Aid team member. 

Mother and Baby Facilities

There will be a mother and baby room at the venue. Milk and baby formula, diapers, baby food, and other baby supplies will be permitted in the Hall.


Please remember to: 

  • Eat and drink at regular intervals
  • Stand up and stretch regularly, after long periods sitting on the floor
  • Be alert to signs of exhaustion in yourself, and those around you
  • If you feel unwell, let someone know and seek immediate medical attention

Attendees are requested to the carry the following (as applicable):

  • Contact details of their next of kin
  • At least 1 day’s supply of any prescription medication, which should be stored in a ziplock bag (for security checks)
  • A list of medication taken with the exact dosage and times
  • Extra snacks if you suffer from low blood sugar
  • A list of allergies with a description of the potential reaction