Cricket update

Sports action update from the Golden Jubilee Games in Nairobi, Kenya.

UAE were desperately unlucky to be on the losing side of two consecutive close finishes in today's cricket. First USA Blue just managed to overhaul UAE's total of 140 in the final over of their chase while against India, they had the run chase in the bag with 30 runs required off the final 24 balls with their captain striking the ball well, but after a flurry of wickets in succession, they ended up 10 runs short. UAE can certainly hold their heads high after providing a stiff challenge to two strong sides with gutsy performances.

Kenya B had a busy day of chasing leather around the Simba Union Sports Club conceding 218 and 280 in consecutive matches against India and USA Blue respectively. They will certainly be playing for pride in what will probably be their final match of the Games, against UAE.

Attacking bowling by the UK spinners, backed up by superb fielding, paved the way for victory over Portugal at the Ruaraka cricket ground. Whereas the Portuguese spinners bowled quick and flat, which was economical but lacked potency, the UK spinners weren't afraid to give the ball some loop which, while sometimes expensive, allowed them to bowl genuine wicket-taking deliveries. Portugal will rue the indiscipline of their new ball bowlers, their 32 extras second top scoring for UK, especially since they fell 34 runs short of their target of 135.

Canada and USA Red completed convincing victories over Uganda and Afghanistan respectively, Canada racking up 180 batting first before bowling out Uganda for 82 and USA Red scoring 173 and bowling out Afghanistan for 105 to establish the North American teams as strong competitors in a sport many expected to be dominated by the teams from the Indian sub-continent.

Early favourites Pakistan were made to work hard for their victory against Kenya A on the Ruaraka pitch which so far has been difficult to score on. Chasing a par total, it came down to Pakistan requiring 2 runs off the final ball but whereas yesterday Kenya managed to hold their nerve against Canada, here Pakistan took the game in style, hitting a massive six off the final delivery.

Football update

Sports action update from the Golden Jubilee Games in Nairobi, Kenya.

Canada A won against UAE following an end to end goalless first half. Towards the end of the game, with the UAE down 4-0, their goal keeper blocked five shots in a row. The Canadian team was so moved that they stopped the game and gave the UAE goal keeper a standing ovation, drawing the elation of the large crowd of spectators.

In other matches, Afghanistan held Canada's B team to a well-earned draw. Tanzania and the USA shared a thrilling draw with the USA's late equaliser a Beckham-like bending freekick. Syria demonstrated their all-round skills in a narrow win against a resilient Kenya A while France showed their flair in beating Kenya B.

Overall, athletes and spectators are most impressed with the performance of the Syrians and Tajiks. One spectator noted that “there was heartfelt admiration for the calibre of their talent.”

Squash update

Sports action update from the Golden Jubilee Games in Nairobi, Kenya.

All countries were a part of the round-robin squash tournament held today at the Parklands Sports Club, the oldest sports club in Kenya. In the men's competition, Canada, Kenya and the USA teams were particularly strong with the majority of their players moving on to the next round of competition. Among the women, Kenya stood out among the rest as having the highest number of players that moved on to the next round.

The athletes were supported by a full house, filled with energy and good sportsmanship. Referees commented, that they had not expected to see such a high calibre of technique and skill, combined with unity and sportsmanship, given the international mix of participants.

Basketball update

Sports action update from the Golden Jubilee Games in Nairobi, Kenya.

Fans cheered throughout the day as the men's and women's basketball teams enjoyed their first full day of competition. Men's basketball was held at the Kasarani complex and provided much excitement for the spectators. The gymnasium at the International School of Kenya was the venue for the first round robin matches in the women's basketball competition.

The first two matches between Canada and Kenya and between Syria and USA Red have already revealed a high standard of play from all sides and some interesting tactical differences between the teams, in both defence and offense. The Canadian side demonstrated its fast-breaking skills, moving the ball rapidly from defence to offense. Their players demonstrated a willingness to attempt shots from all parts of the court. Kenya likes to work the ball from left to right to create scoring chances close to the hoop. The team has women of all ages, including one player in her mid-50s who scored 10 points of the game.

Syria shows a high level of technical sophistication and great zone defence from which it creates many interceptions to convert into points. The Syrian women also exhibited a skilful presence under the hoop that allowed them to win many rebounds. In contrast, the USA Red team used their speed and nimbleness to try to smother the opposition by pressing high up the court to create turnovers and scoring opportunities. The American women also showed a willingness to attempt baskets from deep positions in the court.

The crowds have already been treated to some thrilling tactical exchanges from an array of talented women from different regions of the world. This competition promises to be tightly contested right to the end.

Athletics update

Sports action update from the Golden Jubilee Games in Nairobi, Kenya.

Families, spectators and athletes gathered at the Moi International Sports Center for a series of qualifiers, semi-finals and finals at today's opening track competitions. Fans cheered as Canadian Raisa Kanji claimed first place in the women's finals of the 5 000m track event. Just a few hours later, another Canadian marginally outran his Pakistani counterpart in the finals of the men's 1 500m track event. With the afternoon sun high and bright, track athletes also completed the 100m and 400m qualifiers and semi-finals.

International Volleyball update

Sports action update from the Golden Jubilee Games in Nairobi, Kenya.

International volleyball teams geared up for the second day in the round-robin phase. Following strong teamwork and sportsmanship, the Syrian A men's and Tajik women's teams succeeded in their respective games against the Pakistani men's and women's teams. An exciting North American battle took place in which Canada's men's B team took the game against their continental neighbours, USA Red.

In an interesting chain of events the men's Syria B claimed rights over USA Blue, while the American women's team took their game against their Syrian counterparts. During today's second men's match, a show of fantastic technique allowed Afghanistan to defeat their Indian competitors.