The Athletes’ Lounge: A journey through cultures

Situated in the Golden Jubilee Games Village, the Athletes’ Lounge is an oasis of comfort created for athletes to relax and unwind. This photo essay illustrates the variety of cultures represented in the chambers of the lounge.

An oasis of comfort has been created for athletes to relax and unwind after their games. Intricately designed, the Athletes' Lounge has beautifully decorated areas representing different parts of the world.

African entrance

Photo: Zahir Daya Zahir Daya

An African courtyard, full of elephants and alligators, invites sportsmen and women into the newly opened Athletes' Lounge. Palm trees lining the walkway into the lounge provide a flavour of the serene atmosphere within. After an arduous day on the pitch, swimming demanding laps at the pool, or playing a strenuous match on the court, it provides a welcome break for players.

Swahili lounge

Photo: Zahir Daya Zahir Daya

Athletes could find themselves at the Swahili lounge en route to the onsite foot and scalp masseuse who can help them loosen up their tension knots and relax their muscles.

Lamu lounge Area

Photo: Zahir Daya Zahir Daya

Imagining themselves upon the tiny streets of Lamu, athletes can choose this lounge to relax with their brothers and sisters from across the globe, creating relationships of a lifetime.

Bedouin corner

Photo: Zahir Daya Zahir Daya

Should our competitors prefer the softer feel of a couch, they may be drawn to the Bedouin corner set upon a silky red carpet. It is a place where discussion of the day's events may grow into bridges for the future.

Moroccan lounge

Photo: Zahir Daya Zahir Daya

Light refreshments in the Moroccan dining area offer global visitors the opportunity to relax and eat nutritious foods in preparation for the next day's events.

Swahili coast lounge area

Photo: Zahir Daya Zahir Daya

Set against blue light characteristic of flowing water, this lounge embodies the cool breezes of sandy beaches found along the coast of East Africa.

Yemeni lounge area

Photo: Zahir Daya Zahir Daya

After warming their bodies around a bonfire in the centre of the room and visiting with old and new friends, athletes may make their final stops at the Yemeni lounge before exiting to the real world and preparating for another day of games.