At a ceremony in Porto on 9 July, Prince Amyn was conferred with the Medal of Honour of the City by Mayor Mr Rui Moreira, in recognition of his patronage of the arts. 

The distinction was also presented to Alberto Martins, former minister of Justice and former Member of Parliament of the Socialist Party.

Situated in the North of Portugal, and as the country's second largest city, Porto is known for its heritage, industry, and culture. At certain points in its history, the city has been occupied by the Celtic people, the Roman empire, and the Umayyad dynasty, which has lent a diverse character to the urban area. Porto’s historical core was proclaimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.

Speaking at the ceremony, which took place at the Mayor’s official residence on the anniversary of the arrival of the liberal army to Porto in 1832, Mayor Rui Moreira said: “Today we present the city’s Medal of Honour to a great patron of the arts with a concern for tolerance.”

Municipal medals aim to recognise distinguished individuals for their personal merits or civic deeds as well as municipal officials for the performance of their duties. The Medal of Honour of the City acknowledges those who have rendered services of exceptional relevance, or who have distinguished themselves in areas of human activity.

The conferral of the Medal of Honour of the City, grants the awarded individual the title of ‘Citizen of Porto’ and the collective entity the title of ‘Benefactor of Porto.’ The Medal of Honour of the City of Porto features an allegory and the heraldic symbol of the city in gold.

Earlier this year, in May, the Mayor of Porto conferred Mawlana Hazar Imam with the Keys to the City of Porto for his contribution “not only to Portugal, but also to Europe and to the world,” and to the betterment of society globally. Upon receiving the honour, Hazar Imam lauded Portugal for building a strong pluralist society.