The Ismaili is pleased to launch the Adopt a Senior initiative, a way for members of the Jamat to be matched with senior citizens who could benefit from support and assistance during this time of isolation and uncertainty.

The current evidence suggests that, as we face the Covid-19 pandemic, senior citizens are the most vulnerable group in society. In many cases today, seniors live away from their immediate family, and so having somebody local who can stay in touch with them is important.

In Islam, the generosity of time, talent, and means is encouraged and highly commended, and the ethic of voluntary service is a long-standing tradition of the Ismaili community. The Adopt a Senior initiative is the latest platform to invite members of the Jamat to volunteer and support each other during this challenging and isolating time.

Many members of the Jamat have been asking how they can help others during this difficult time, and so this initiative provides a platform to ensure that all our seniors are being cared for as best as possible. The main task for volunteers is to stay in contact with their senior - call them on a daily basis, check that they are ok, and share with them any relevant information about the status of the pandemic in your city or country.

The logo designed for the Adopt a Senior initiative depicts a carer helping a senior citizen, housed inside a bubble of safety. The outstretched hand offering support symbolises the caring and compassionate nature which our community has espoused throughout our history.

We encourage seniors and volunteers to come forward and register. By working together we can come out of this experience stronger and united as One Jamat. If you are already looking after a senior, please use the form to provide your details so that we can log your support.

Register here if you live in Canada. For all other countries, click for English or French registration forms.

If you are, or know of someone who is not a senior citizen, but may require help and support during this time, please reach out to the local or national council in your jurisdiction.