Join us on Sunday 17 May on The Ismaili TV for a special musical event featuring internationally-renowned recording artistes, Salim-Sulaiman.

This exclusive, virtual concert will feature performances from their homes by Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, who are physically distancing themselves along with the rest of us. The concert will also shine a light on the work being done by the Imamat intitutions.

Across the globe, Jamati and AKDN institutions are at the forefront of responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, providing urgent humanitarian assistance, slowing the virus’s spread, caring for the infected, and addressing the broader consequences of the current crisis. Jamati institutions and AKDN agencies have joined hands in all parts of the world, to support the Jamat and other members of society, particularly those most vulnerable.

Many generous benefactors have come forward seeking ways to make a contribution towards the wide-ranging work in hand to address the severe effects of the crisis. The Global Pandemic Relief Fund, established in response to this outpouring of generosity, provides a single portal for those wishing to support this critical work.

This response, involving endeavours in multiple areas, is expanding exponentially, and includes providing emergency food aid, basic medicines, and shelter to vulnerable groups; supporting a multitude of public health measures to “flatten the curve;” and providing high-quality medical care to those infected. It brings together the expertise and experience of a multiplicity of organisations and agencies in a coordinated way, serving members of the Jamat as well as the wider society.

Donations to the Global Pandemic Relief Fund can make a difference in many ways around the world. The following are some examples of the response efforts by AKDN and Jamati institutions on the ground to date:

In collaboration with various international agencies, the Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS), the Aga Khan University (AKU), the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH), FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) have been treating Covid patients, testing suspected cases, and advising national authorities on their responses and preparedness. Priority is placed on bolstering government diagnostic and care capacities, and securing much needed supplies and test kits.

Jamati institutions in all countries, supported by a huge volunteer effort have rallied to move their programming into the digital space, offering webinars, health and fitness sessions, tutorials, and lectures through online platforms, in order to serve the physical and mental wellbeing needs of the Jamat and even beyond.

In Tajikistan, the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) is working with government and private sector partners to engage local sewing factories and tailors in producing protective equipment for frontline health workers.

In Pakistan, “CoronaCheck,” a new mobile application that allows users to conduct self-assessments at home while raising awareness of measures to prevent Covid-19, was launched by the AKU Hospital, and is available on the Google Play Story for anyone to download and use.

In Mozambique, AKF is working to ensure that civil society groups and their communities have access to essential and timely public health guidance to slow the spread of the virus across the country and surrounding regions.

In the Kyrgyz Republic, the University of Central Asia has distributed food and medical supplies to hundreds of families in need. The care packages included masks, hand sanitiser, antibacterial soap, flour, pasta, and cooking oil.

In Canada, the Aga Khan Museum has rolled out its #MuseumWithoutWalls programme, which allows virtual visitors to experience the best of what the Museum in Toronto has to offer - without having to leave home. This includes artifacts from the Museum Collection; live performances as well as recorded gems from the archives; downloadable hands-on learning activities for children; and live webinars and virtual gallery tours.

Join us at on Sunday 17 May at 4 PM UTC for this exclusive, virtual concert to enjoy the musical offerings of Salim-Sulaiman and to support the Global Pandemic Relief Fund as One Jamat, together at home.

Time zones:

09:00 Vancouver
11:00 Houston
12:00 Toronto
17:00 London
19:00 Nairobi
20:30 Kabul
21:00 Islamabad
21:30 Delhi