IIS short courses are unique learning opportunities for adults of the Ismaili Jamat from any part of the world to explore new ways of thinking about Islam and Muslim societies, with a focus on Ismaili contexts.

Are you interested in meeting, engaging, and learning with Ismailis from across the world?

Are you curious to explore the lives, stories, and traditions of Muslim communities, past and present, in meaningful and creative ways?

Are you a volunteer who wants to understand the key issues and challenges faced by Ismailis and their communities to better serve the Jamat?

If you answered yes (or even maybe) to any of the above, The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) has created the IIS Short Courses with you in mind. The courses cover a wide range of subjects with world-class faculty, giving adults of the global Jamat a space to learn, discuss, and raise questions about issues that are important to Ismailis across the world.

These questions might be:

  1. Why does diversity in Islam exist?
  2. How do we, as individuals and a Jamat, understand and engage with the diversity of Muslim communities in the Ummah and beyond?
  3. What are the key issues that Muslims, including Ismailis, face today across the world, and what can we do about them?

“I found IIS short courses immensely valuable to my professional development as an art historian and a professional in the museum, heritage and education sector,” said Nausheen Hoosein from the USA. “My learning experiences have also motivated me to discover more of my family’s history and heritage.”

In 2023, The IIS is offering three online courses, two face-to-face courses at the Aga Khan Centre in London, and four field-based short courses in Egypt, Portugal, Tanzania, and Tunisia.

“The opportunity to learn at Al-Azhar Park and be immersed in historic Fatimid Cairo is an experience of a lifetime,” said Karim Kassam from Canada. “With world-class faculty, the overall quality of the short course is equal to, if not better, than what you would expect at a top-tier university.”

The IIS invites you to discover and sign up for the short course for you today. The deadline for applications is 21 March 2023. Apply now at The IIS website.