Join us for an exclusive presentation from Houston, Texas, USA, on Monday 15 November 2021, featuring the design architect Farshid Moussavi and landscape architect Thomas Woltz, to preview the design of the upcoming Ismaili Center.

The Center will join several prestigious buildings commissioned over recent decades by institutions under the patronage of Mawlana Hazar Imam, designated under the broader category of Ismaili Centers, of which there are diverse examples in Dubai, Dushanbe, Lisbon, London, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Ismaili Centers have been developed to respond to the Community's settlement and its expanding range of activity and engagement with civil society. They represent its aspirations, serve as its institutional, intellectual, and cultural hubs, and function as a place of contemplation and gathering.

In his Diamond Jubilee year, Mawlana Hazar Imam announced the establishment of the Ismaili Center during his visit to Houston. A year later, The Honourable Sylvester Turner, Mayor of the City, met with Hazar Imam and remarked, "The Ismaili Center will be a place where Houstonians of all backgrounds, faiths, and walks of life will find engaging, thoughtful, and compassionate programmes, and people. That will be in keeping with Ismaili values and the values of the Ismaili leader, the Aga Khan."

Incorporating spaces for social and cultural gatherings, intellectual engagement and reflection, and spiritual contemplation, the new Center will promote friendship and understanding among faith communities, government, and civil society. It will serve as a venue for all Houstonians to participate in thoughtful programs and meaningful exchanges.

Tune in for the exclusive presentation on Monday 15 November on The Ismaili TV. The event is expected to begin at 2:00 PM (Houston), 8:00 PM (London), and 11:00 PM (Nairobi). Preview coverage will begin 30 minutes prior. Additional timings are available on The Ismaili TV guide.