Introducing the location city for the Global Encounters Festival 2024

Global Encounters is thrilled to confirm that the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has been chosen as the location for the Global Encounters Festival 2024! The world-wide Jamat will unite to honour and celebrate the remarkable talents of our artists and athletes on the grandest of stages. Get ready to experience a sensational display of creativity and excellence.

Dubai, a city of discovery, offers a unique blend of cultures, innovation, and experiences, making it the perfect location for this festival celebrating global diversity. It will be the stage where artists and athletes from 22 jurisdictions come together to showcase their skills and talents through arts and sports. It will also be the location where we come together as One Jamat to embrace our diversity, engage in cultural and intellectual exchanges, and celebrate a tapestry of cultural expression.

The GE Festival is an initiative of the new Global Encounters institution and will bring the Jamat from around the world together in one event that incorporates both Jubilee Arts and Jubilee Games. We are working with the authorities in Dubai to finalise the venue details and dates for the festival which will be shared with the Jamat as soon as possible.

Over an eight-day programme, artists and athletes will embark on a journey to create, compete, and connect on the world stage, for an exhilarating festival experience for the entire Jamat, both those in attendance in Dubai and those joining virtually. The GE Festival will feature the best performances in both arts and sports. Immerse yourself in a world of masterclasses, thought-provoking speakers, heritage journeys, talent retreats, and immersive experiences. Get ready for a captivating journey into creativity, inspiration, and unforgettable moments.

Whether you are an artist, athlete, patron, spectator, or volunteer, we invite you to join us in Dubai or virtually, to share your talents, your support, and your time with the Jamat at the festival. Get ready for an incredible journey of discovery and unity. Let’s go and prepare to experience "unforgettable encounters that light the human spirit".