The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) continues to monitor the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border region following the destructive avalanches reported ealier this week.

Due to heavy snowfall in recent days, more than 50 avalanches hit the Badakhshan regions of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Multiple casualties were reported and 20 buildings and houses were damaged or buried in Khorog and the surrounding area.

Responding to an urgent request from the Government of Tajikistan, AKAH deployed trained teams to conduct search and rescue operations. As heavy snow continues to fall, AKAH is helping people to relocate from at-risk areas and offering temporary shelter for those displaced, along with food, water, and medical assistance.

AKDN has provided fuel to district authorities to support local ambulance services and has cleared roads blocked by the avalanches. AKDN’s Pamir Energy is working to repair damage to power lines and resume energy services in affected towns as soon as possible, while staff at the Aga Khan Medical Centre in Khorog are treating the injured.

Tajikistan’s National Committee of Emergency Situations have thanked AKDN agencies for the lifesaving support during the emergency and requested them to remain prepared over the coming days.

AKAH search and rescue teams remain on high alert for potential further avalanches in the region.