The Ismaili TV is pleased to present an Imamat Day programme featuring a variety of content that is sure to entertain and inspire the Jamat over the course of three days.

While our celebration this year may not be what we are accustomed to, The Ismaili TV invites the Jamat to come together to mark the occasion, show gratitude to the Imam, and share the occasion of Imamat Day together as One Jamat.

The programme will begin on Friday 10 July with An Evening of Devotional Expressions including poetry, stories, and songs in different languageswhich celebrate our love for the Imam-of-the-Time, and illustrate the diversity of art and culture in our Tariqah and beyond.

On Saturday 11 July, The Ismaili TV will present a variety of programming in three parts to be shown throughout the day. Part One will include a rendition of the Nashid al-Imamah, a message from the National Council Presidents, programming for children, and memories from the Diamond Jubilee Celebration in Lisbon. A new film about the Shia interpretation of Imamat and the history of the Ismaili Imams entitled A Guiding Light will also be presented. 

Part Two of Saturday’s schedule will present highlights from the Designation of the Seat of the Ismaili Imamat ceremony held in Lisbon on 11 July 2018. It will also feature an Imamat Day quiz, where viewers can participate in real time by downloading The Ismaili App, now available on the Apple Store and Google Play. The quiz will be available on The Ismaili TV page of the app. This will be followed by the global launch of the Ismaili eFootball Cup, which is an initiative of the Jubilee Games and will include national eSports tournaments and other related activities planned for August, culminating in a global competitive tournament in early September.

On the evening of Imamat Day, join us for an opportunity to reflect on the significance of this auspicious occasion with music, film, and inspiration, followed by celebratory musical performances.

Finally, Sunday 12 July will feature a music festival, which will showcase a range of musical performances from around the world, bringing the Jamat together in celebration through song and dance.

While Jamats around the world are facing varying challenges, The Ismaili welcomes you to sit back, relax, and spend the Imamat Day weekend as One Jamat, together at home.


View the schedule of the Imamat Day Programme in your timezone on The Ismaili TV Guide.

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