Prince Rahim today met with His Excellency Sadyr Japarov, President of the Kyrgyz Republic, at the Ala Archa State Residence in Bishkek. Prince Rahim’s official visit to the country comes at the invitation of the President.

The two leaders discussed the Aga Khan Development Network’s long-standing presence in the Kyrgyz Republic and their shared desire to deepen cooperation in climate change mitigation and adaptation, the enhancement of education and economic opportunity, and the safeguarding of mountain areas, including their ecosystems, cultural heritage, habitat, and overall quality of life.

President Japarov conveyed his gratitude for the projects that the AKDN has implemented in Kyrgyzstan: “We highly appreciate the work of the AKDN, and the assistance provided in addressing socio-economic issues and improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations in the mountain areas of the country. Taking into account the international reputation of your institution, and its activities in developing mountain areas, I invite the AKDN to join our efforts in combating the negative effects of climate change, biodiversity conservation, and disaster prevention in mountain areas, and to implement the activities of the Global Plan of Action.”

Prince Rahim said: “I am delighted to be back in the Kyrgyz Republic following my last visit in 2016. This is an important moment to reinforce our long-standing friendship. We look forward to deeper cooperation towards our shared goal of a peaceful and prosperous future for this beautiful country.”

For more than two decades, AKDN agencies have been active in the Kyrgyz Republic to help improve the quality of life. An Agreement of Cooperation, ratified by parliament in 2001, enables joint efforts to advance sustainable and inclusive human development. The AKDN has since established institutions and programmes in education, economic development, rural support, culture, health, and habitat. 

AKDN works in all seven provinces of the country and in response to locally identified development priorities. In education, an Aga Khan School in Osh, established in 2002, and the University of Central Asia, established in 2000, offer high quality education benefiting tens of thousands of students. 

Since 2007, the Aga Khan Foundation has pioneered support to rural economies, early childhood education, e-health, and youth skills development. Its flagship education programme, Schools2030, will host a Global Forum in Bishkek in June 2024. 

In culture, the Aga Khan Music Programme works to revitalise national musical traditions in collaboration with more than 40 educational institutions in the country. 

The Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank (KICB), Jubilee Kyrgyzstan Insurance Company, and Accelerate Prosperity help drive economic growth, including in remote and underserved areas. KICB serves more than 400,000 clients through 54 branches across the country.